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Can we make a rules that if ts get baited the cts cant kill the bc its not there faults they died its someone else's fault they died, and the cts can just kill them if they pick up the primary they had or if they fully kill them not if they knife them once or twice.

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T's that get baited are actively knifing them. Although it's the CT's fault for getting in the way, it's also the T's intention to left or right click. If it was an accident oh well, we wouldn't have known. I don't see a purpose for this rule to be added since we have admins to punish these baiters.

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like i said in game before, both is at fault. The CT is at fault for baiting and should be punish if an admin see it and the T who is kniving could be kill for intending to harm the CT

@fantastic @Manny

correct me if im wrong please

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Our rule against baiting:


"CTs are not allowed to purposely make attempts at getting themselves knifed by Ts, subject to admin discretion. In any case though, a T is KOS for having damaged a CT."


Since this is a rule discussion feel free to discuss, but that's our current stance on baiting at the moment.

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The problems I see with this becoming a rule is that what is going to be construed as baiting and what won't be. It could cause so much arguing and back and forth and could end up being a headache. I think we leave the rule as is.

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The JB team doesn't feel that there is a need to change the rule at the moment. I personally believe that if you're a T and knifing the air for no reason, you should be aware that it's possible a CT could walk into your knife be it intentionally or otherwise. I'll close this thread with a quote from our server managers.


"The point of the rule change of “baiting” to how it is right now is to hold all parties accountable. The CT shouldn’t have been “baiting” but also the T shouldn’t be able to recklessly knife wherever they want and not have to face consequences." - Manny


"my thought is that manny is gay and i like the rule the way it is" - Dominic


"can confirm what dominic said is facts and i, too, like the rule the way it is" - fantastic

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