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This isnt to hate speech or anything. But what i seen by most servers you should have set times for admins to be in servers for a set schedule where most of the days the busy times of the day there is a admin to control servers. Aka 3pm when all the teens get home and weekends during the day etc.

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Admins don't apply because it's their job, they apply because they want to help the servers as much as possible. Meaning they get on when they can and try to get rid of as many rule breakers as they can. People have lives outside of steam-gamers, and it's not their fault that people get away with rdm or mic spam when they aren't on, that's why we have the player complaint section so you can try and help report, and if you are able to meet our requirements and have support from the community, you can also apply for admin so you can try and get on.

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you have the option of !calladmin in game, making a player complaint which almost always results in a ban if you have the proper evidence or you can ask nicely in discord/teamspeak/shoutbox. i understand being frustrated by a rulebreaker but admins are not paid employees of SG, they volunteer their time and have personal lives so they cant always be on monitoring servers. thats why those 3 other options exist.

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Hey pat, sorry we are unable to take care of all the rulebreakers on the servers, but as @Creten mentioned, it isn't our job and we administrate on our own time and do the best we can. Finding a schedule that everyone would agree on would be quite literally impossible since there are so many administrators with their own individual lives and responsibilities.


If there is someone in the servers breaking the rules and no admins are on, there are a few of things you can do to try and get them taken care of:

- Do !calladmin to potentially get an admin's attention to come on the server

- Post something in the shoutbox, someone will nearly always reply to this as staff are very active on the forums

- Obtain evidence enough to get someone banned and post a player complaint.

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