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CT's Who Don't Know the Rules

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In the past 2 months, I've noticed a crazy influx of new players from Tango, Edge, or elsewhere. The problem is that after only playing T side for half an hour, which is nothing, they can already join CT. 30 minutes is nowhere near enough time for someone to learn the rules. The amount of times I've seen a new player come in and declare themselves Warden, kill a T for getting too close to them on a freeday, or just mass freekill are incomprehensible. There needs to be some sort of extra layer of protection to prevent new people who don't know the rules from joining CT. I propose that the playtime required be increased to 24 hours. Now I know on paper that sounds ridiculous, but people who come in with the intent to mass freekill won't bother with the 24 hours. The people who don't want to mass freekill need to take the 24 hours to learn the rules properly. There are other measures that could be put in place to prevent this sort of thing, but most people seem opposed to other ideas like a CT rule quiz, similar to Tango's, or having a forum account linked to your steam account or something. But whatever barrier that's put in place, it needs to happen because new players can't keep ruining rounds like this. It's becoming a serious problem.

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I appreciate your suggestion and your concern for keeping the servers clean of rule breakers but 24 hours is an absurd leap to take when our required playtime now is 30 minutes.


The reason people from Tango, Edge, GFL, etc. are coming onto our JB is because we do have a short playtime requirement and we make it much easier to play CT.


People who have never played jailbreak might want to try out CT and a 24 hour playtime requirement would push them away from our server very quickly.


If you believe someone is intentionally breaking the rules and is not working to understand them, feel free to submit a player complaint here


As well, the JB team is still actively discussing our plan for CTs in the future...

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I was going to thank this post, until you went to increasing the time. This has been discussed so many times in so many threads, and the main consensus from the managers was that increasing requirements for CT side would drive players away. I would know, I was one of the main advocated for this when I first started playing around last year. To quote what @fantastic said:


This topic has been discussed numerous times and each time we've pretty much sat firm on our decision to keep the CT lockout period set to 25 minutes. If someone has insight that hasn't been provided the last 2-3 times this topic was discussed feel free to bring it up in another thread, but at this point we're going around in circles. Going ahead and locking the thread... thanks for the suggestion though. I can definitely see where this is coming from.


Something you and @codez were talking about in-game was a point requirement, on top of the current time. I was thinking about getting on an alt and seeing how many points I could get in thirty minutes. Overall, this idea might have some merit. Instead of dying every round and burning out the thirty-minute timer, this would make the players more experienced.

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while i do agree that 30min is not enough time for a player to grasp the rules, i dont think you realize how long 24h of playtime is. thats multiple days to a week (depending on how much you play daily) until that player can switch to ct. as many sg staff have said before and will most likely say on this post as well, making the required playtime a ridiculously high amount will keep players away from sg. tons of people would never play again if they saw the requirement was 24h. i think theres nothing wrong raising the playtime required to 1h, and i wouldnt mind seeing an extra layer of “protection” from freekillers and people who don’t understand rules. however, the response i expect to see given by a higher up is that if a player is breaking rules an admin will simply ct ban them. if anyone has a different solution i would love to hear it but no, required playtime will not be raised to a value that high anytime soon.

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To add on to what Tyymunk said, you do not need anywhere near 1 day on the server to be able to learn the rules of the server. Also, with where u added about the mass freekillers, those people normally come with intentions to do this, someone doesn't just join from a different server and mass freekill because it's normal somewhere else (which it isn't). As for the shooting for getting close and declaring themselves as warden, it's all a process of improving through mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, but with some correction, they learn from them. The play time has proven through most players to be good so that they can have fun on ct while not being straight out the gates.

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People don't dedicate their lives to csgo, the amount of time it would take for anyone to get to 24 hours is insurmountable for anyone who has a life outside of their parents' basement. There are far too many negatives that adding this would cripple the amount of new players we get no one wants to play for most likely over a week just to play ct, we are doing all we can to have people learn the rules. At that point, if they don't learn them they probably will never learn the rules. this isn't a solution but rather stops ALL new players from playing ct not just rule-breakers.


This should never be increased because it only delays rule breaks for the amount of time it is increased unless it is an unruly amount at which point no one new would want to play the servers. After that point what's the point of hosting a csgo server if you don't want new players.


we have the rule pop up every time you load in, there are regulars who spam the read rules bind, you have to wait 30 minutes before playing ct, and the server has messages in chat about the rules and faq. There isn't much more we can do that wouldn't discourage people from playing our servers, things like this have been suggested again and again but have always came to the same conclusion that it is too much past what we currently have.

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This has been discussed before many times here and came to the explanation that to increase the time would hurt new players who came from other servers more rather than people who have came to intentionally troll. Will bring this up and see if there's a change of heart but, I believe it will stay the way it is since previous suggestions on this to be changed have been rejected multiple times for the same reason.


Ultimately the team had discussed this again and we all came to the conclusion that the lock out is less to stop people from intentionally mass freekilling and more of a stop gap for people who genuinely want to play CT but may not be as familiar with the game mode or specific rules in place for our server. Where we currently have it is where we feel comfortable with it.
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