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I have a blue yeti right now, and it's been working really well for me. The only problem is that the input for the USB cord gets often bent easily: I've already had to replace it because the tip of the input just bent off completely. That's my only complaint really though, and it might just me acting stupid which is why the issue is occurring. Definitely not a bad microphone to buy if you're looking for a safe option.

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Hey Slothy I know that Polarzzz suggested the razer sieren mics and how they are relatively cheap for a mic But if I’m being honest my experience hasn’t been the best With them. I have a lot of products from the razer line ranging from recording stuff to headsets headphones mice lights mouse pads computers you name it and don’t get me wrong I love Razer and their products but the Razer Sieren isn’t up to par. I was happy to buy it for my birthday I bought it in March or April of 2018. I used on Jailbreak and it sounded good. I also got a pop filter so it sounded better. Who knew that in 2019 that it would break. The chord that comes with the microphone is kind of stubby and hard to put in the microphone if you have the stand in and you also will have a hard time not bending the chord since the length and width between the microphone and the stand with the chord in between it, it is so short. If you are looking to buy a mic I would kindly suggest the Audia Technia At2020 and the blue yeti. But also they both have an around $120 price tag to bare in mind which is a big bit of money. If your on a pretty cheap budget the snowball is A-Okay. And I know you got a new microphone recently but I hope you consider this guide from me in the future if your mic decides it doesn’t want to function anymore. :)-Jmc

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