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Jailbreak Shot4Shot Tourney

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Credit to @nick for the awesome banner!




Saturday, November 9th @ 4:00PM EST




IP: jb.steam-gamers.net:27017



Custom-made s4stourney map, credit to @Noxstar!



1st Place: Mystery skin (~$10) + 10,000 Credits

2nd Place: 5,000 Credits

3rd Place: 2,500 Credits


Here's how it's gonna go down: I will be on CT and all the participants will be on T. I will then move two participants into the arena and switch one of them to CT and make sure they both get Deagles. Once I say go, you two will do Shot4Shot until one person wins. Much like the last tournament, we will be accepting the first 48 participants. The winner will move on and the loser will be eliminated. Good luck, have fun, and I hope to see you all there!




While you are here you might as well join our steam group!


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