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Youtube Rewind 2019

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Youtube Rewind 2019 is out, and Youtube went with a different strategy than last year. It's kind of an embarrassment for their own curated video to be the #1 most disliked video, so this year they attempted to try and not fuck up as much. The following video is the result:



Overall the video is pretty average, and regardless of not having as irrelevant YouTubers in it the like to dislike ratio is at 500K-900K as of 7PM EST.

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honestly thought it was worse than last years. at least in 2018 they kept the rewind vibe whereas this year they just made a top 10 stats video. it feels like they didn't even try since I'm pretty sure all the clips were from videos so they didn't actually get anyone and film with them. they took out the whole rewind aspect of referencing all the big events of the year and just made it all about Youtube. plus they gave the 100 mill subs title to Tseries instead of Pewdiepie which is just unacceptable.

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It wasn't bad. The whole theme of the video was fitting throughout the entire time. It was to see what the overall viewers, liked, watched, and subscribed to. It was a rewind in the sense that it walked through a lot of the achievements that occurred this year. For example, all the "(X) was the from person from {this country} to reach y million subs" is stuff you'd actually never see in a regular Youtube rewind. You also can't even compare the other Youtube rewinds to this one since the whole point of the video was changed.



Grow the fuck up yo! It aint a big deal man!


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