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Why do I keep crashing at the start of the game?

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On the TTT server, which I like to play, I crash after every map cycle. When a map starts up after a map change, I crash.

Does anyone else have this problem?


I used to have this problem when I installed CS:GO on my hard drive, but after re-installing it onto my SSD I was fine.

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Ive noticed this as well. I thought it might have just been my recent transfer to really crappy internet. About 50% of map changes my csgo CTDs. I moved csgo to my SSD and dont tab out between maps and this has reduced the crash percent to around 25%


The issue is not a lot of people have an ssd


** Today I've noticed that instead of crashing, I just get stuck on the changing map screen. retrying then just causes me to not be able to connect and I have to quit and rejoin. This has happened 3 times in 5 map changes

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There is a issue on map change while your loading that it becomes frozen and people think their game crashed but it resumes to loading the map. It was introduced into csgo a few updates ago and whether it happens to all or just a select few is anyone's guess.

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