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TTT Nerfing Health Station

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I cant be the only one who thinks the detectives health station has some insanely great value for one credit. He can not only heal himself but any other person who becomes a bullet sponge. I would like to see the health station's cost be changed to 2 credits. Its not really noticed it seems but having a place to heal anymore for so cheap seems a bit unfair for T's who can only get a bit of health once. Kevlar was once valued at 2 credits so why not a health station. The both provide means of helping to survive but the health station is arguably much better than armor.


I feel that when there are a lot of people on meaning multiple detectives, it becomes so much harder to kill people when there is cheap source of constant healing.

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I see where you're coming from. A good traitor is one who deceives innos/detectives; They too can use the health station then run away to continue killing. I believe the health station situation is fine. When a detective pops a health station down, people start gravitating towards it for safety and comfort. T's can use this opportunity to fire upon the group at different angles for their advantage.

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...it becomes so much harder to kill people when there is cheap source of CONSTANT healing.


That's where you're wrong kiddo


Health Stations have a limited number of charges, and a time between healing. If you want to talk decreasing charges or increasing the time between uses, I'm sure it could be done. I honestly haven't had a huge issue with this though, it provides a great way to heal yourself and your proven posse without hassle. Just try not to shoot at people standing on GLOWING BLUE MICROWAVES, if landing one more shot is too tricky for you.

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I thinm the health station is balanced right now. It's not to hard to pop a few innosents if they are all close together. Like @nV said you can easily but and run when they are grouped like that. And as a t you can always go to the station and heal. I do however would like to see a increase in the health shot for t's. I'd say either make then he for all the health missing or let the t's buy 2 max health shots.

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