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Hi, my name is jmcdon7 and I have a major issue I want to address. The problem I feel that should be addressed is the fact there is now a ton of new players. All these new players come from other servers such as Extreme-Network and (EGO) and almost 99.99% of them feel as if they shouldn't have to read the rules. I am pretty good with handling the toxicity for the most part although I do get more angered than I should and that is a definite. What I mean by this is people are constantly yelling, screaming, freekilling, freenading, and also when I say freeday in a certain area they will yell freekill when they go elsewhere and I kill them despite saying freeday in wherever. An example is if I say freeday In pool no diving boards and someone will say freeday he said freeday and they'll go wherever and they will be killed and next round they will complain. And for the most part people say that's not right and we all tell them how to change but a few just don't change. I am starting to feel aswell as others discouraged. I want to help this server as much as I can whether it is donating when I'm older or whether it is just saying please don't freekill. I really hope to downgrade this issue and I wish that we could make it required that you read the rules. Have a great day and thanks

for reading!




P.S. Admins are doing a great job trying to keep this community as healthy as possible please keep up the fantastic work. Your really appreciated!

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It is hard to speak over all of the noise on JB. What you can try to do before any order you give is to tell the Ts to get of mic for 15 seconds (maximum time you can give for that) and warning shot them if they talk. I do understand where you are coming from, people like to be loud and not follow orders, but there are ways to combat this. Most times when an admin is on they will mute the people who are loud.

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You can’t change the fact that there will always be rule-breakers when new people first join the server. Most of the time when people join they are there for a map or two and never come back just to fuck around.

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For how nice it would be if everyone read the rules, there's not much we can do to force them to. They're prompted with a !rules popup when they join, but there's not too much we can do to make them read it. If they don't follow the rules, break them, and become a problem, please feel free to make a player complaint here. In a perfect server, everyone would follow the rules and people wouldn't scream over each other but unfortunately, we certainly aren't a perfect server.


Hopefully, in the future we can find good ways to help the situation of the server to make it somewhat tamer. If you have any suggestions to help the server, feel free to drop them here.

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Did you not see my post-scriptum.... I said admins are doing a fine job and as much as they possibly can to ban players misbehaving, or is it, not there.


Yes, which is why your suggestion makes no sense. You can't "force" people to read rules. Admins can only enforce players to follow them. If people don't follow rules they get punished. You're pretty much suggesting admins to do what they're already doing.

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This thread has been posted and answered countless times. Enforce the rules, educate players, and post complaints to the best of your abilities. When you feel ready and meet the requirements, apply for admin. Should you end up in the reigns yourself, I think you'll get a better feel for why things are the way they are. We can't see everything, and we have strict protocols for how to engage situations and punish players.

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