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Deceit Event

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Deceit Event


Thanks @Clamor for the sick banner


February 8th at 12 PM EST


Add me on Steam to get the invitation.

What is Deceit?:

Deceit is a horror online survival game. Each lobby has 6 players and 2 of them will be infected. The goal of the innocents is to escape, but there are ways that will help you to do so like doing side missions to get special items, watching out on who is drinking blood, and staying close to everyone. The infected's goal is to stop the innocent from doing anything productive and preventing them from escaping, as the infected you can drink 3 blood bags during the day and when a blackout happens you can transform into a terror to kill off innocents. There are a lot more things in the game I didn't go about, but if you are still confused watch
for more clarification

How to Play:

Add me and @Poke on Steam and post under this lobby or PM me that you will participate

Be sure to join the events steam group


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