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5v5 League Tournament - SGLC Signup and Info

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Thank You to @crazedkangaroo for the banner and adding a Easter egg to it


Welcome to the SGLC. Featuring 5v5 matches in best of 3s. Similar to how the last event was run, we will be having captains as opposed to pre-made 5 man teams. (more information down below)



General Information/Rules

    This will be a two part tournament, more information down below for part 2
  • The tournament will be a single round elimination style tourney with the matchups being best of three.
  • Sign ups will close after February 21st, 2020
  • There will be a captain system where the captains would have to draft against other captains for players
  • There is gonna be a 1 week grace period where teams can play together and scout other teams for more information about them or just improve their skills
  • Teams should be using some type of way to communicate outside of league chat for example Teamspeak
  • You must be level 10 or higher to sign up
  • If one of the players isn't there after 15 minutes it would either mean that you would have to get a substitute, forfeit the round or series. (can change if anything arises)
  • Teams can scrim each other before the match date before the official match date, but captains must get into contact with me that they are gonna have a scrim match
  • If you aren't chosen by a captain you will be put onto a substitution list
  • If you were to get a substitute, you would have a chance of not getting the reward given out.
  • Each players roles should be mentioned before the start of a round, you are allowed to swap roles but once draft starts you arent allowed to anymore
  • Captains have final say on what role each player is going

Even though these are the rules written, keep in mind that I will probably have the final say on things and try to make it as fair as possible


How To Sign Up

"YOU" have to post your information down below, you may not have someone else do it for you

  • Your main league of legends account name
  • Current/past ranks/level if you never got a past rank or have a current rank standing
  • Whether or not you want to be a captain (if no captains are picked I will randomly/hand pick them)




Captain's responsibilities


  • Get into contact with me and/or the other captain(s) to draft players
  • When you finish drafting your teams get into contact with your players and figure out a plan
  • Pick a team name
  • After the 1 week grace period you are held responsible to coordinate with the other captain(s) to schedule a time to play
  • If your team wins the match you are held responsible for taking a screenshot of the end game scoreboard in the client.



  • The team who wins Stage 1 of the tournament will be awarded with 5,000 credits and get a chance to participate in Stage 2
  • The MVP who is chosen, who isn't on the 1st place team will have a chance to part take in Stage 2, if there is an opportunity for the player to do so


During this stage players will duke it out against each other in a 1v1, blind pick, aram, best of 3 match. Why?, you (might) ask. Because it wouldn't be all that fun just giving everyone the contest winner award, we need to make it more interesting than that. The 1st Place winner of Stage 2 will get a contest winner award and be given 10,000 credits instead of the amount previously mentioned




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People who are signed up:



player count: 23


@Takuto - Takuuto - Gold

@Senpai - Encanta

@LargeAll - LargeAll

@Asher - Sphinx 3

@Swagbox - SwagboxD

@Nugget - NuggetAC

@nV - ?eahc?m

@Bright - Bright9315

@Kyle - ch3ating

@Soul - Souljifishy

@Janseen - Jansen2828

@Brian Briaahn

@maddius - Maddius06

@Alex - Apo?tle

@tides - funny

@Paradox - X i

@tana - ?ie

@Ned - smurfing 123

@Rhyzhe - indebted

@R A W - R A W M O N D Z

@PHNX - LeX Iwnl

@BoM - NerdyWhiteKid

@Stingrqy - xXFlamiiXx

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