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  1. Why during the ZE event though? Very annoying if you want to attend both.
  2. If yall can't actually get through stage 1 of a vaguely hard map I might actually show up to an event.
  3. With the decision of who gets admin or not going to higher ups anyway, does it matter whether or not a bunch of regs decide to support boost their friend? Is it not easy to at least favor supports/reapplys from other higher ups while keeping an eye for input from regs who may have a massive problem with x getting admin?
  4. Not sure what's sadder, the fact that a less functional worse scrim plugin was introduced and was not tested Or the fact that it stayed in the server for who knows how long at it's disfunctional state.
  5. 2 weeks of procrastinating later, I made a bad ze compilation. Enjoy.
  6. At this point ever since the violent drama-filled bannening I don't think anyone here but like 5 people would care anymore at this point But being one of the 5 people >:(
  7. didnt expect us to actually beat sky athletic, on the LAST ROUND before map change no less. that was hype as fuck. looking forward to the next event.
  8. ill make it and stay this time, i swear GRIS WHEN
  9. 1500 cap, resets daily to 1k: - the 1500 cap can be lower, it's just a small safety net so regs who kills innos for valid reason dont go negative (below 1k) and get punished immediately nor let people hoover up points just to get some rdm in mid map. - the "reset daily" bit is so mass rdmers/habitual rdmers still get punished after the first map of the incident, hopefully delaying further damage until an admin gets on Seperate point system: - Points are an extremely good motivator, as karma was used for this (at first unintentionally) for keeping people on, so if someone could be bothered to program it, how having two point systems, with "karma" being the system in place to do as it's supposed to (semi-automod) and a new system "ttt points" that (almost) never resets and has no cap for point contests and even perks if requested. - And gameme just motivates people to killfag, killing people off of technicalities instead of will to find the traitor and adding frustration if one is never the traitor, I've seen other servers rework gameme to fit certain needs (like giving points for how much damage a person has done) but I've heard it's not really possible for killing certain people(?)
  10. Two ideas for this: 1. Teleport the knifed player on top of the zombie that just knifed them. 2. Don't allow the knifed player to knife any other humans for 2/3 seconds. Giving all humans shield is too op so I suggest one of the two solutions. For if it's an actual good idea to implement this, I guess it reduces frustration a bit and a bit of a buff to humans, I see no harm in adding this.
  12. LargeAll

    Scrim Suggestions

    I disagree! When you type .r you expect a 35-50 minute game, not one that can last up to 2 hours or more. I don't want to clear my schedule/get a strike because I didn't know the game was going towards 25-25. When the score reaches 25-25, boredom/burnout exists. That's why thinking “Ugh I can’t wait for this to end” is fine and just saying "try harder" isn't gonna make it fun. OT is not the biggest reason WHY most people scrim. It is annoying. It is not the most fun part of scrim for most people. "I think that some scrim players who take it seriously would agree" that OT is stupid.