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Ok so im 99% sure you cannot Kos off of skin but there has been a lot of people on doing it and they say admins let them for example there is a admin on right now not doing anything about skin kosing just want to clarify that this is not allowed

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AFAIK KOSing off of cosmetics and any shop items isn't allowed. I have never heard of any admin allowing it.


Edit: Assuming you are speaking about TTT.

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I was on someones alternate account just to screw around but from what I heard Gumline said the Purple dude is kos and someone said you can't base KOS of !store/!shop skins. we all couldn't talk so we typed it in chat. From what I know you can't do that and as stated by Andrew I've never heard an admin says it's okay. But, Gumline said the admin said it was okay and he continued to say "suck a dick." We all called him out for making that up unless it was a slip-up and was an honest mistake then that is fine 100% but other than that I'm 99.99% sure he made that up.

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You can totally kill people off of cosmetics. If I see a red Lara Croft with a Minecraft head stab a CT in his back and then I see that same Lara Croft later, I'm putting a bullet in his brain. But, just like with anything else, if you're wrong and it was an identical Lara Croft that didn't kill that CT, you can be slayed. Calling a KOS on someone based on their model is probably not the best idea though, because if a CT follows up on it and you're wrong, you'd be the one getting punished for it. You should really only be calling a KOS with someone's actual name, if you wanna be smart about it.


I'm not sure if anyone thinks otherwise, but to the absolute best of my knowledge, there is no rule or FAQ regarding literally any of this. Telling someone they "can't" do something makes it sound like there's a rule against this. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong here though.



Answered in this thread. Skins cannot be changed mid round, so yes you can kill off skins, but be absolutely certain that the Terrorist you killed is the one who did the deed. AFAIK this is for JB only.




After discussion with me and my fellow ATs have decided that this view point fits exactly with how we see this issue.


There is no rule explicitly stating that you can not kill or KOS off of cosmetics. However, if you kill someone and/or kos someone who did not do anything wrong, then you will be liable to being punished for freekilling.

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I've always been told that you cannot kill off of cosmetics, but there has been a thing going around where people have been saying you can only KOS off of cosmetics if they are unique. This does make sense, as if you see someone shooting and you see that they are the only ones with that skin/color on, you can be 100% sure it's them. But, it's not stated in the rules anywhere that you can under Guards nor has any admin ever vouched/said that this is one of those unwritten rules.


I'll let the AT's of JB resolve this. My answer would be no.


EDIT: Infinity pointed out the answer. ^.^

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