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To be honest I suggest at least 1 CT camp in vents if they are not the last one alive because vents are a really easy way for Ts to get weapons and evade CTs. Vents are supposed to be a high-risk high reward place that's why its small and usually goes right to the armory or a place where you can find a weapon.


If the CT is last alive though, camping, and delaying then that's already against the rules.

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CTs are allowed to camp as long as they are helping their team and not delaying. Seems pretty clear that if he hadn’t been in armory vent you would’ve had a gun and been killing CTs.

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You aren't supposed to be in armory vent as a T to begin with and as long as their were other CTs enforcing, he was doing nothing wrong. Vents and secrets are KOS, and if you go into vent you better make sure you can tap the CT camping with a pistol.

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nice there were 2 people just in awp secret like the entire round .-.


Well if you look at the situation, it looks like the rest of the CT's teammates mostly died and the Ts are rebelling. The CT is sitting in AWP Secret in an attempt to not die and possibly kill a T that's about to jump into the secret. I wouldn't call that delaying, but if he sat there the rest of the round not doing anything it definitely would be.


To answer your previous question, if a CT is sitting inside of armory standing still or not doing anything they're clearly not enforcing. Or, if they're sitting in a vent the entire round that's clearly not them enforcing. However, if they're sitting inside of a vent knowing a T is about to be there, or watching maincell through the one-ways it's not delaying because they are watching the Ts and the situation.


(Not an official answer, just mine)

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I heard from DaddyEDP445 about this too. You guys seem to not like that we can go in to secrets as CT’s. It is a CTs due diligence too check a secret just to see if there is a rebelling T. CTs are allowed to camp as long as they are enforcing. If they aren’t moving at all or they aren’t enforcing then just kill them or an admin will slay/warn them. It’s okay if people are giving orders and stuff and people are camping secrets. They are still helping in anyway. Those pictures show them helping as the last CT’s.

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