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  1. Congrats @Gentoo @TheZZL @Case! Keep up the good work.
  2. This is what you're looking for. It has pretty decent reviews and some tech channels have videos about it. It fits your specs and budget pretty well.
  3. Uhhh why are you sa

  4. @gween @Trazz congrats boys, good work.
  5. Absolutely. Players are purchasing T items outside of the meta more frequently than they used to, and there's been more of a variety in gameplay. Previously, using any item that wasn't a M4A1-S that was essentially a death sentence. I don't believe "Traitor items are only KOS if you can verify the player bought it." is really necessary, or I'd at least like to see the wording changed. It's not hard to use your head to determine if someone running around with a traitor weapon is a t or not. Having this rule dumbs down the gameplay way too much in my opinion. Holding the hands of the players really dumbs down the mental aspect of the game. Also, it is a common occurrence for Ts to work together and buy each other items, so making them only KOS if you know that specific T bought it nerfs the innocents a little bit more than intended. I very rarely use these detective orders, but others use them from time to time. Overall I think they've been a good addition to the rule set as a majority of the players use them properly without abusing them. My playstyle as a detective hasn't changed in the slightest, as I've always played an aggressive detective. However, I have enjoyed being able to use more t items without being instantly KOS. Variety is what makes T rounds fun and I can tell I'm not the only one with this sentiment as players have been deviating from the previous meta after T items were made KOS.
  6. All he had to do was do what was asked of him. Police resort to force if someone doesn't comply, it doesn't matter what race they are. The hand in the pocket could easily be reaching for a small weapon and that could be you or your partner having to explain to their family why their daddy didn't come home from work that evening. They're trained not to take that risk from the start.
  7. Edmund

    ngl thats a hot anime bitch on your steam background

  8. The cop had nothing to do with him asphyxiating, even the so called fake news is bringing this up. If you're going to cherry pick, use a better example.
  9. @Ned bring back Ned Diddly Flanders. @BoM @Greggy G congrats on the promos boys.
  10. Posted my specs earlier in the spec thread but I'll post them here again anyways. 2700x @4.15GHz 16GB RAM @3200 MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC 250GB 960 Evo NVME 2TB Seagate Baracudda 1TB Crucial MX 500 for games 8 GB Sapphire Pulse 5700xt @ 2000mhz Acer Nitro 27" 1080p 144hz monitor Dell 23.4" 1080p 60hz monitor [ATTACH=CONFIG]21419[/ATTACH]
  11. [ATTACH=CONFIG]21418[/ATTACH] The rig is nearing its final form, next step is custom cables and a new case because I'm running out of space for drives.
  12. @Trazz @Arctic @Kieran congrats gay boys.
  13. It's a meme, people think you're a pussy if you get the v6 version of a pony car. They're lighter than v8s, so a little more fun to throw around. However, getting a sports car as your first car is like getting a Rolex or Grand Seiko as your first watch. A good first car is an economy shitbox, something simple and reliable with good gas mileage. Used civic's/accords and corollas are very good options for a first daily driver.
  14. [ATTACH=CONFIG]21375[/ATTACH] Posting an udpate as I've refreshed my PC. CPU is OC'd to 4.15, and GPU is OCd to 2000mhz with memory at 1850. Next step for the rig is custom cables.