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  1. Personally I'd work on making innocent items more affordable rather than adding new items. All the items you can buy are extremely overpriced and innocents don't have a reliable way of earning credits. Armor + healthshot is incredibly useful, but it's rare that people actually buy them. It'd be more productive to give people incentives to buy what is already available, because I rarely see people actually use the inno menu. In my opinion, it's a waste of time to add items that nobody can use. I just think it's more practical to either lower the price of currently available items or give innos more credits so they can regularly buy what's already available. I don't really see the point of trying to add more items if nobody can use them in the first place.
  2. Uhhh why are you sa

  3. @gween @Trazz congrats boys, good work.
  4. Absolutely. Players are purchasing T items outside of the meta more frequently than they used to, and there's been more of a variety in gameplay. Previously, using any item that wasn't a M4A1-S that was essentially a death sentence. I don't believe "Traitor items are only KOS if you can verify the player bought it." is really necessary, or I'd at least like to see the wording changed. It's not hard to use your head to determine if someone running around with a traitor weapon is a t or not. Having this rule dumbs down the gameplay way too much in my opinion. Holding the hands of the players really dumbs down the mental aspect of the game. Also, it is a common occurrence for Ts to work together and buy each other items, so making them only KOS if you know that specific T bought it nerfs the innocents a little bit more than intended. I very rarely use these detective orders, but others use them from time to time. Overall I think they've been a good addition to the rule set as a majority of the players use them properly without abusing them. My playstyle as a detective hasn't changed in the slightest, as I've always played an aggressive detective. However, I have enjoyed being able to use more t items without being instantly KOS. Variety is what makes T rounds fun and I can tell I'm not the only one with this sentiment as players have been deviating from the previous meta after T items were made KOS.
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