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With rumors of the new forums and I don't know if you can tell me this but is there gonna be unlimited manage attachments space? It's really inconvenient to Imgur or Gyazo someones steam ID and yours. Or even with my new tactic to go to steam workshop content then upload the photo with context there. I usually am able to ctrl + ] and get a shadow play screenshot of it. In order to delete the photos you have to go back on the thread to where you put the photo then you have to delete the thing. You get max 5 MB of attachment space and the photos have to be really vague and when making a player complaint or whatever photos usually take up a 1/5 to more than the max quota allowed for an attachable photo. Also you can't delete photos from the manage attachments area even if you delete the file where the picture is stored or anything associated with it.

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For player complaints, use something like Lightshot to take an in-game screenshot. Then upload it to imgur, it's not that inconvenient and takes less than a minute. You also mentioned getting steam IDs, after you recorded your clip and got your screenshot for the steam ID go back in game, copy the name of the person and their steam ID from console, and paste it into the player complaint. This way, if someone has a really long and hard name/Steam ID you won't mess up rewriting it.

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one thing I actually find pretty easy to do is just use the steam screenshot feature. In CS:GO the hot key is F12, and once you take it the SS appears in your in game summary. Once you post it publicly, you can upload it to your steam account and from there generate a link to access it. It's what I do for all my player complaints, and although it does take about 30-45seconds to complete, I haven't had any problems with it whatsoever.

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Using Lightshot, Gyazo, etc. whatever it is will always be a user preference.


In response to unlimited attachment storage; user storage is limited on the new forums as well for regular users. I can tell you that it can be adjusted in the admin control panel. Currently the BDs and TAs have the maximum storage capacity. I can't really guarantee you that we'd be giving every rank the maximum storage, however, I think there is an option to delete old attachments from your user storage on the new forums. I haven't really tested that feature yet.

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If you delete them from here, they'll clear up attachment space for you to post more images. I think 5MB made sense 15-20 years ago but it's absolutely abysmal now. Something like having extended as a VIP perk wouldn't go unappreciated. I have to delete a lot of images to post new attachments, essentially deleting old posts in the case of Post Pictures of Yourself etc. I'm not sure if it's possible to implement, but even something like an option to automatically compress images would help.

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