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As a passionate cloud enthusiast, I have made a tier list for the 10 different types of clouds. Here are my rankings:




I'll write out the cloud rankings (L to R) in case there are some uneducated readers who don't share the same cloud expertise as myself.


S - Cirrus

A - Cirrostratus, Cirrocumulus

B - Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Nimbostratus, Altocumulus

C - Stratocumulus

D - Altostratus, Stratus



Here is the link to the list if anyone wants to make their own.

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I noticed that you're not a fan of ceilings - broken / overcast layers. Personally, I prefer broken layers. They're very easy to visually observe, and make everything a little more dark without being completely covered and becoming overcast. A scattered layer is okay, I suppose, but only if it's leaning closer to the 5/8's obscuration. Not a huge fan of 1/8's obscuration.

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