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[Competition] MG Couples Event

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While we hope you are practicing social distancing, you should pull your favorite person close during this month-long competition centered around the couples plugin! Marry that special someone and rise to the top of the leaderboards for a chance at some fantastic prizes!


When and Where


Starts Friday, April 24th at 6pm EDT

Ends Sunday, May 24th at 6pm EDT

On the Minigames Server: mg.steam-gamers.net:27015


How It Works


On the start date of the event, all existing couples’ scores will be reset to 0. You then need to marry a partner to partake in the leaderboard. You can divorce your partner at any time. The command list can be found below. At the end of the event, the top 3 couples will receive the rewards laid out below.


A 2x Credit Multiplier will also be in effect during the entire event.


Command list:



sm_marry - !marry

Opens a menu so you can browse all connected singles on the server and propose to one by selecting.

sm_revoke - !revoke

Revokes a proposal you have made.

sm_proposals - !proposals

Opens a menu so you can browse all players who have proposed to you, selecting one will accept the proposal and you will be married. Congratz ;)

sm_divorce - !divorce

Ends your marriage. But why would you do that?

sm_couples - !couples

Opens a menu with the top couples, i.e. those who have the highest score. It also displays the corresponding wedding dates.





First Place: VIP for each and first pick at 2 games from the below list

Second Place: SUB for each and second pick at 2 games from the below list

Third Place: Last pick at 2 games from the below list

(2 games per couple, 1 game to each partner)




-Mass Effect™ 2

-Company of Heroes™

-Batman™: Arkham Asylum GOTY

-Dragon Age™: Origins

-Dead Space™ 2

-Stardew Valley (2 copies available)

-The Stanley Parable

-DiRT Rally

-Black Mesa


Please make sure to link your SteamID to your forums account as it makes it easier to know who we need to send the prizes too. Also, if your partner doesn't have a forum account, encourage them to make one! Best of luck to all.

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The Couples Event has officially concluded!


The rankings are as follows:


1st is Vanilla & Pyro with 3034 points

2nd is .x $ SShini with 1811 points

3rd is sensei & saturn with 861 points


I will be reaching out to each of you over the coming week to distribute your prizes.


Thank you to all who participated!

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