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Ramadan Kareem (Happy Ramadan!)

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I thought i'd make this post to:

1. Celebrate ramadan, hopefully not by myself.

2. I'd like to challenge you all, how about IRL fasting for a day :d

- in between 4:30AM to 7PM, u got to eat nothing.

no water, no food, U GET NOTHING.

any other time from that, u can eat.


your rewards? idk, it's just a challenge, it's your choice to participate or not.


Since it's tradition for us i thought i'd make this little post. Please, if you tried this challenge, reply in this thread by telling me how it went and felt ;)

also for me having to go through a month of this :pepehands:

good luck. if you're trying the challenge.

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  • Content Count:  922
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I’ll try it for a day even though I barely eat anything, also, isn’t okay if you eat and drink if you are sick during Ramadan?


yes if you're sick and are taking pills, it's okay to eat cuz you're already ruining fasting, but if you're sick and not taking pills, u have to fast.

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