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GMod Murder

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Since we already have already done other Gmod originating events why not throw in another with Murder Mystery, 1 person is the "Murderer" and has a knife, 1 person is the "undercover D" and has a pistol (Deagle or R8) and everyone else is inno and tries to survive.

If the "Detective" kills the wrong person than they will drop their gun and the other inno's can pick it up.


I think using the maps that came from Gmod like Clue for example would be great maps to keep in theme with the event.

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2 hours ago, idealist said:

We were actually looking at converting this gamemode to CSGO a few years back but found some German community already did it and the plug-in was hella buggy.


I wouldn't mind having a gmod murder event as I think it's a cool gamemode.

My original thought for this idea was to have its own server but I didn't think there would be enough content in it to be a permanent sever.

So a short term event would probably be better, if it had it's own server I wouldn't be complaining either

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i tried hosting one of these a long time ago on my first time as et, and the turnout was horrible. i believe it was a weeklong server on gmod, so maybe that was the issue. this is definitely still worth looking into as maybe a weekend event tho so i’ll try to bring it up. 

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44 minutes ago, Roddy said:

Why dont we just do it on Hypickle , their a gamemode called " murder mystery"

Because he suggested gmod murder and not Minecraft murder mystery? If you would like for them to look into what you're talking about I would submit a seperate thread.

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