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Jailbreak Community Meeting! (9/23/20)

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Jailbreak Community Meeting!

Date/Time: Wednesday, September 23rd - 7:30pm EST
Place: Discord - https://steam-gamers.net/discord

It's been quite a while since our last community meeting, so obviously one is in order. With new server managers onboard, it seems appropriate to address some things. Our goals for this meeting are to discuss the current problems with Jailbreak and things associated with it, potential resolutions/solutions, and answer any questions that you guys may have regarding anything!



- Extending Round Times + Minigames as Deathgames


- Replacing T-Points w/ Gangs

- Guards Repeating Orders 
- Current & Future Events

- Custom LR additions

- Warden & Similar Plugins

- Other Plugin Revisions / Additions
- General Rule Discussion / Concerns
- Q&A/Open Floor

Feel free to discuss things here or suggest things to add to the agenda.


Hope to see you everyone there!

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35 minutes ago, RemixedPixel said:

You say that as if it's a bad thing


cool meeting time, can we kill dyno so we can spam all caps in peace


who said I said that was a bad thing






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