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  1. Oof i missed the event must have been fun
  2. Why am i getting mentioned just because i use brain
  3. Vanya

    P90 Warning shots

    What I'm saying is we should be trying to control our players instead of trying to meet their every petty demands. Might as well start a movement on the server and if I get enough followers/complainers to join me I can change literally any rule I want. Better yet, lets just start right here. Petition to remove guns in armory, anyone interested? No? Well I'm just going to bitch about it on the server how armory is such an easy access to guns for Ts and it should be nerfed.
  4. Vanya

    P90 Warning shots

    I said it CAN be a server killer, but having 5 people screaming on their mics complaining about p90 warning shots is more of a server killer, don't you think?
  5. Vanya

    P90 Warning shots

    bitch when did i give shotgun warning shots It is a loophole to abuse the 1-99 damage rule but I think that people just need to shut up when announcing to the entire server they're going to shit on them with headshot warning shots. If you're a T and don't wanna get warning shot just follow the damn orders and there's a repeat plugin for a reason, there should be absolutely nothing stopping you from not getting warning shot if you're paying attention. The whole point is to stomp the prisoners because of their extreme tendency to rebel, and unfortunately the CTs are unable to actually control the Ts because either a) They're too lenient and it's way too easy to rebel b) They're very strict, are able to win some rounds but then Ts start complaining about "how hard it is to rebel" and all of that. What's the point of rebelling if it's not supposed to be hard? Honestly people need to just stop thinking they're entitled to rebel and shouldn't be shooting down any meta CT plays because of their "gang points" or "ability to rebel". It can be a server killer but in the end it just defeats the point of having skill and experience when rebelling to actually produce some results.
  6. bold of you to say like you're going to win
  7. Vanya

    Ct playtime change

    The plugin is only supposed to lock out players with < 30 minutes of playtime only if there are a certain number of players on. I don't think the plugin is broken but if the player count is not reached anyone can go CT without having 30+ minutes played. There's a thing called experience and one wouldn't be a good CT without it, adding a larger restriction just makes people lose interest more and never teaches them how to actually play CT; sure, they might have an idea of what to do but when you're on CT vs when you're watching the CTs is a totally different experience. Also, rule reading shouldn't just be a "new player" thing as I constantly see people getting rules wrong then lashing out at other players, claiming they know the rules and saying "slay" repeatedly. I haven't seen much of people getting on just to blatantly rule-break and usually there are admins on to deal with the situations, in other cases it's just the lack of knowledge of the rules on the other part.
  8. Tell splayd to not come back

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      sorry he's too powerful

  9. Who deleted my comment guess im not going
  10. your gangs never gonna catch up to mine
  11. weebheadass I told you to not shit on me :( plus your the only strict ct I KNOW

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      I am 3 years old - Signed Virgin BloodGang 

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      also can you list me more animes to watch

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      Im waiting on the new eps of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear and Boy from the Grace of the Gods


  12. Vanya

    Rust PvP Event

    I think you used the wrong letter when typing HvH