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  1. bold of you to say like you're going to win
  2. Vanya

    Ct playtime change

    The plugin is only supposed to lock out players with < 30 minutes of playtime only if there are a certain number of players on. I don't think the plugin is broken but if the player count is not reached anyone can go CT without having 30+ minutes played. There's a thing called experience and one wouldn't be a good CT without it, adding a larger restriction just makes people lose interest more and never teaches them how to actually play CT; sure, they might have an idea of what to do but when you're on CT vs when you're watching the CTs is a totally different experience. Also, rule reading shouldn't just be a "new player" thing as I constantly see people getting rules wrong then lashing out at other players, claiming they know the rules and saying "slay" repeatedly. I haven't seen much of people getting on just to blatantly rule-break and usually there are admins on to deal with the situations, in other cases it's just the lack of knowledge of the rules on the other part.
  3. Tell splayd to not come back

    1. Vanya


      sorry he's too powerful

  4. Who deleted my comment guess im not going
  5. your gangs never gonna catch up to mine
  6. weebheadass I told you to not shit on me :( plus your the only strict ct I KNOW

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      I am 3 years old - Signed Virgin BloodGang 

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      also can you list me more animes to watch

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      Im waiting on the new eps of Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear and Boy from the Grace of the Gods


  7. Vanya

    Rust PvP Event

    I think you used the wrong letter when typing HvH
  8. Vanya

    you blow.

  9. Can you ask Vanya when he's coming back? Thanks.

  10. Pretty sure the point of allowing innos to shoot at each other is to make rounds more chaotic and to add more confusion, which encourages innos to think before acting and to not act on impulse alone (at least in my opinion). It's an entire aspect in the freedom of what innos can do and can go two ways: it could bring out the traitor in your favour or it could end up in innos killing each other. Honestly the only times innos kill each other for shooting around each other is if one person accidentally damages the other (which in that case would be freedamage), a person so intent on killing every "T baiter" (which the karma system would punish for their absolutely useless playstyle) or just a genuine belief that the person is a T which is almost never the case. T baiting does help bring out the Ts and without allowing innos to T bait there will be a lot of complications with arguments between rule breaking and justified actions. Also, removal of T bait would make finding Ts a lot easier as anyone who would shoot at someone as a traitorous act would either have to be a T or get subject to punishment via admin or overwhelming voice/chat complaints
  11. Vanya

    [MG] Prop Hunt!

    can i get travis scott burger