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how do you add gifs/videos to your signature

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There should be an option below where you are typing out the message called “Insert Image from URL,” upload whatever image you want to add to Imgur, copy the link using the “copy link” button on Imgur, click the “Insert Image from URL” button, paste the image and make sure to put what format it is after the link (ex: imgur.com/hdsj.png, imgur.com/heia.gif) and if you just want a video you just paste the link and the forums should auto make it into a playable video


hope this helps

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Videos: To add one too what the other two guys said If your trying to post a youtube video just copy paste the link and the link should just expand into a video like in my signature under the spoilers. 


Gifs: To add a gif go to this website and press upload in the top right and drag your gif fine into that page. This will bring you too an edit page, put any letter into the text box and drag it off screen if you don't want to add any stickers, words or filters. Finally press continue to upload and it brings you to a page that asks for a source URL and tags, you dont need to worry about those. Depending if you want to upload the gif publicly or not change from on or off, once you upload it press copy links and copy Gif Link and paste it into "insert image from URL". This uploads what ever picture or gif link that you have copied into the post. 


if you have any question on what I said @ me on this thread, hope this helped :)

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