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JB Halloween event

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JB Halloween Event


Halloween is approaching so we decided to spookify the JB server with Halloween themed maps and models! Last years Halloween edit of razor is returning as well as various new models available for the duration of the event such as a Zombie Soldier, Terminator and Revenant. For the last 3 days of the event we will enable the RTD plugin (commands are /rtd and /rtdmenu). There will also be a 2x credit multiplier for the event to help you rack up credits for the event models and future models! Make sure to thank @Chadand @TheZZLfor making this event possible!



October 18th - 31st, 2020



Jailbreak IP - jb.steam-gamers.net




Public: Freddy Kreuger - FREE



Basic+ Supporter: Zombie Soldier - 5,000 credits




Counter Terrorist:

Public: Terminator - FREE



Basic+ Supporter: Revenant - 5,000 credits






While you are here, you might as well sign up for our discord events role in the #role-selection channel! 

Click the Discord icon below to join our Discord!


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There's 3 days remaining in the event, make sure to get online and take advantage of the 2x Credit Multiplier! We've also added the Roll The Dice Plugin for these remaining days, type rtd , !rtd , or !roll to roll the dice. There'll also be an event on Saturday, so make sure to show up on Halloween night for some fun!

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