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Flying Scoutsmen... (TTT Event Suggestion)

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So I am talking to @blink about games to play, yada yada, and I dozed off for a second and thought, "What could be a cool event for TTT that I have yet to see personally?" Flying Scoutsmen! I mean we all know what this gamemode is, as it's an official CS:GO gamemode, but even still, Low-Gravity with scouts sounds pretty fun! 

A suggestion is a suggestion and I'd love to see the output you guys will bring! 


Auf Wiedersehen!



Steam Community :: Guide :: How to make your own flying scoutsman game



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there's a chance that it could change though, we have probably over 40-50 new active players on ttt and alot of them haven't experienced the last event, who knows; this could go generally well or just put down to shit like the last one


it definetly has potential

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Was just talking to @Gentoo about this yesterday, definitely bringing it back soon, and I literally wrote up the draft yesterday.


39 minutes ago, BloodBlades said:

This was done before for ttt. If I remember correctly it didnt go well and it got repetitive. Pretty sure it actually lowered the servers pop. The last one was actually canceled.

Poor map selection, bad timing, as well as many events several days in a row can make any event go poorly. Nothing wrong with trying it again. 

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