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  1. @3ni also I would assume this is more like plugin issues thread not map specific bug thread
  2. BloodBlades

    MG Crazy Karts

  3. Thanks @ThRzafor the great banner MG Crazy Kart We all know MG hasnt done too well in recent months so why not get some MiniGames action going. Join us for this great map while we race on kart and F-Zero races. So make sure to come for this awesome map! When? Saturday, January 31 @ 7 pm EST Where? MiniGames - Join the SG Discord for updates!
  4. even tho this isnt revamp make sure to attend this event Saturday! Bump
  5. lmao Im most likely attending because Im not suppose to be doing anything at that time.
  6. If he actually destroys everyone I’m banning him for aimbot :0
  7. u dug this hole urself by @ing every admin and talking shit. Now u gotta finish it :0
  8. if he cant take a joke its his issue not the person who said it...
  9. No need to respond with dont start things up. its clear osen was just joking about his aim.
  10. Thank you for the amazing banner @Nate. The Jailbreak Staff presents to you three new maps to be tested and possibly added to the server depending on how well liked they are. Make sure to attend to check out these awesome maps, and to voice your opinions on them! Maps jb_paradise_lost_fix jb_quake_a04d jb_paradise_island_v1 Where? Jailbreak - When? Saturday, January 30th @ 7 PM EST Join the SG discord server for updates!
  11. If this happens there should be a certain player requirement like 15 up when cts need a mic. But there are still some holes. But tbh I dont see this at all useful. A large chunk of the playerbase has no mic so you would be cutting them from playing ct. Also, just because you have a mic doesn't mean you cant give good orders. Some people who use chat can give actual orders so thats also cutting some of the decent cts from actually playing. Also there's already rules put in place to make sure chat orders don't get out of hand. Like mic orders override chat orders. This just wouldn't help and just make ct more of a shit show. And it isnt that hard to read chat especially when you know theres a ct thats going to give orders through there.
  12. just wanna say this events being hosted on csgo not css :l
  13. yeah dont spam ping random people who half of them you haven't even met. Anyways you can have fun taking down reid and 3ni who been playing this map for years.
  14. I think u underestimate the amount of tryhard css players we have as admins.