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(Partnership) Squad Gamers Cup

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Join the SCFC Discord today @ https://discord.gg/t6ScPP7seH

Direct links to all of their socials will be under the #welcome channel. 







At Steam-Gamers, our goal is to provide the best experience possible within our game servers. Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Squad Clan Fight Community, or SCFC for short. SCFC is a platform and organization created in 2021 to organize events and tournaments for Squad, a game that we have been showing love and care to ever since the start. I and a few other members of the community (whom I will give special thanks to later on in the thread) have been doing so much to make this happen, and we are finally ready to announce it. 



Tournament Details 


- €100 prize pool. (Roughly $120 USD)

- 16 teams in will participate, 4 teams in each group.
- Each team will participate with 20 people. (20vs20)
- The first team from each group will advance to the next round. (Best Of 1)
- Matches are limited to 1 hour.

- The prize money will be delivered to the team leader, it is up to the teams to divide between them.

- Each round will be live streamed by SCFC's dedicated stream team. We at SG will host them on our own Twitch channel.






Sign-Ups & Team Leader Information


If you are the leader of a clan and interested in participating, please sign up using the form below. The deadline for registration is July 31st, as the start of Season 1 will begin on August 7th




Other Information


I want to give @Cautiona huge shout-out because without him this wouldn't have happened. That doesn't go without saying that @BoM, @Mace, and @thuxys have also been a great help ranging from the nitty-gritty partnership details to graphic design and branding. 


I encourage all of you to spread the word even if you aren't too involved within the Squad community. It's a great game and everyone is extremely supportive. If you don't own the game already I suggest you pick up a copy and play with us!



Steam Gamers Community


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