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  1. prod nate slide me on the beat
  2. Nate.

    Spy is dumb

    just be the gooder player smh
  3. Nate.


    You wanna know what the dumbest creature on this fucking planet is? Moths. Let me tell you how fucking dumb these idiots are. They are nocturnal meaning they only come out at night but when they do they are attracted to light. Let that sink in. They come out in the dark... and they obsess over light. You fucking morons, haven't you heard of this thing called the sun? God I hate those stupid motherfuckers.
  4. Nate.


    you are built like a moth im getting spyhance to box you
  5. Nate.

    Ct playtime change

    30 minutes is a perfect amount of time to learn the rules. There is really no excuse to "not seeing the rules" as the rules show when you join. Changing the time required has been brought up in the past from what I remember, and it has always remained the same.
  6. Nate.


    Huge recommendation. Have about 300 hours clocked in and I can 100% vouch for the game, even at full price. Come buy and help us seed the server <3
  7. Nate.

    Who is YOUR idol?

    caution because none of this would be possible without him
  8. Nate.

    this is fruity

    do you like to fish and play lacrosse by chance. fits the standards tbh
  9. 1. Keep the spare parts, use them to run a Linux distro and host a home web server or something of the sort. 2. Keep the PSU. Very much still fits today's standards. If I get some time I'll write up a build.
  10. Everything is overlit. Basically ZE nightvision white. Pretty unbearable. Also, looking towards certain areas such as main island cause massive frame drops. I'll go from 300fps to 120fps in an instant.