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  1. Man y’all mfs don’t even have a manager 🤣🤣 Congrats to both of you
  2. Quit slacking off... @20 scrolls
  3. Nate.

    Rust Edit

    I used to do level design for Squad, might hop in RustEdit and screw around for a little bit. Cool share
  4. Wish I coulda joined, I'll be there for #5 though.
  5. Little bump here, I'm going to harass a few members to get on the server later, remember that the event ends on the 21st!
  6. My best guess is that your playermodel is causing an error with the gloves plugin. Does the issue still occur when you switch to a regular prisoner/guard model? I'll message one of the TAs to see if they can look further into this issue.
  7. Nate.

    Squad V2

    Good evening Steam-Gamers! If you haven't found out already, Squad v2 has released. What's new? Take a look here for a full update changelog. Come join us if you own the game! We are seeding right now, so we need all the help we can get.
  8. Stream starting now! Starting off with @Strayyzplaying Little Nightmares 1 & 2. Remember if you want to participate in the supporter only event later, you must purchase basic, premium, or elite.
  9. Oh I'll be there. Leading everyone to victory. I think.
  10. Post your funny moments or videos from our crackhouse server in this thread. While you're all at it, like this post on the r/csgo subreddit
  11. Nate.


    This is an issue with the nav mesh. There isn’t much that can be done except for wait a few days. I’ll keep you guys posted when there is a new changelog released.
  12. Y’all mfs need to go touch grass so I can catch up. I’ll be on in an hour to mess you all up. Might need some competition so anyone reading this should totally get on and fill all the slots.
  13. In this situation you shouldn’t have been killed since the two orders were different. Originally you were to shift walk, but since he gave a different order saying to just follow the markers it overrides. This was just a simple misunderstanding on his part.
  14. This is my spot. Feel free to contest but it won’t happen without a fight.