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  1. I really want to ban you from the server.
  2. you are a Anyways I think this was a long time coming, I'm glad the emphasis on "Banned words are banned throughout all of SG, whether in a private channel, public channel, locked, unlocked, in the CSGO servers, etc" was thrown in as that was quite a problem for some people.
  3. your daw is named after cereal. o7

    1. Nate.


      u literally use disabledton live stfu

    2. rygor
  4. Mfs be purple like…

  5. Congrats boys! Keep up the great work.
  6. Group matches have concluded! Congratulations to all teams who have advanced onto the quarterfinals and I greatly appreciate all teams who signed up. For more info on the Squad Gamers Cup, join our Squad Discord @