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  1. Fro$tY

    ZE Problems

    sry leon i forgot about u and agent weasker :toung:
  2. Fro$tY

    ZE Problems

    ok @XeNo i understand ur words nice debate guys and thanks @Black Rain i also thank evryone to dicuss on this great topic lets go test ze now
  3. Fro$tY

    ZE Problems

    m just asking for one command that too for mute and as the voting will be done among the players so i dont think its wrong
  4. Fro$tY

    ZE Problems

    i got 1 idea from the bhop server which i play on that server has a command !votekick and !votemute which can be also used by normal ppl and then everyone in the server decides what to do can we keep that in our servers too plz? forget that !votekick just plz help us with that !votemute command plz higher ups
  5. Fro$tY

    ZE Problems

    guys stop fighing among ourself plz ffs cmon we r a family akumu u have posted a good tread i would just say make the server how was it 6 months ago and make sure u reduce the knockback as akumu said @Black Rain and @Vick it will help us to play round better as there will be less number of retarded doorhuggers knifing zombies ruin most of the rounds,so plz get rid of that for first can i know y r there event maps? u can add them on our severs so we can play them at regular basis cuz most of the good ppl join the server when they see good/tryhard maps we need more number of admins on ze as we just have 5 ze admins @Console @BloodyKiller @Stunningjam @Crawfish @Paralyzed and we getting a new admin @Fridthiof if a person who plays ze and doesnt plays on any other server,applies for a admin then plz make a rule only ppl who play ze will vote for him @Caution @XeNo @Bread and @SpikedRocker @Revenga as we need more number of ze admins few days ago a guy was advertising on ze as it is against the rules i just asked for a admin on shout box to join the server and at that time @All Ts reaction was like,(y would a admin waste time to join the server just because a guy is advertising)these were his words i appreciate blackrain and vick for there work as they r working hard for testing maps and etc just make our server how it was earlier @Akumu u got a good tread for ze problems but cmon dude try to understand ao also have to see after their personal lifes i would just like to give a suggestion make the servers as how they were b4=ze problems solved plz dont judge my gramatical errors if in case i have posted something wrong then sry thanks- Fro$tY
  6. jay does it really matter cuz picking up fast zombies doesnt increase ur speed much i think its better to use tanky zombie
  7. happy birthday steak


























































  8. what we have to realy do in ttt?