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  1. You're a fucking cutie scrolls </3




  2. Hes speaking FACTS Happy bday SG
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    So dumb smh

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    Introducing KZ!

    I'm a movement player! ^^^^^^^^ PLEASE
  5. d4nk

    friendly reminder that you are a bot

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      What the fuck did you say to me you little sh1t ? :) 

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      you sir are a BOT

  6. Chat orders will probably never be removed. Already the CT side is not strong enough, if we add this rule, it's going to completely ruin it. ^^ Agreed. If you can't pay attention to the chat it's not his problem it's on you. Maybe but removing this rule would get rid of a lot of people on CT side. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  7. -REP Sharing false information. I ' m   n o t    a    s i m p.  Thanks

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      No you're not

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      im sloth/shrek im ready

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      You got NO proof 🧢

  8. Give me bobux :( 

  9. Dope Bind mouse1 "sm_slap Starlegendgod"; bind space "sm_noclip"
  10. 10,614 (Win.: 5,400, Loss.: 3,631) Not bad
  11. You're nothing to me, shitposter.
  12. Well, yes. Removing text rules would be 10 times easier for the CTs because when it's LR time the Ts tend to spam chat so the CTs won't be able the see the rules. I don't agree with removing gun toss rules in chat, because people with no mic won't be able to play gun toss which is a big part of the JB community.
  13. @20 scrolls how tf Congrats boys!
  14. wowowo so talented design pls make wedding cake

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      this got real real fast