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    Post Your Keebs!

    Case: tofu60 with MKUltra foam PCB: DZ60 Hotswap RGB Plate: Brass Switches: Zykos v2 with zeal stem Stabs: Purple durocks Keycaps: epbt x gok bow , second pic: GMK 9009 Case: sidders acrylic alice PCB: switch couture Plate: Acrylic Switches: Gateron black inks lubed with krytox 205g0 Stabs: transparent durocks Keycaps: GMK Peaches n Cream Case and PCB: Akegata Denki device one Switches: Alpacas lubed and filmed Stabilizers: durocks Waiting on 3 more keyboards to come soon lol
  2. congrats all! yay more media team people wooooo
  3. euro

    100 gecs

  4. dudes always talkin bout dbz... dude gogeta job

    Loudly crying face
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      mfs tryna be the meme police like bitches r gonna be impressed

    3. John


      what do i look like, @ned?


      he's the meme police chief

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  5. bro.... not cool