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  1. Yep, there ain't really anything that we can do about it because the two parties in particular have so much power over everything that any other parties are always overshadowed. That is why news coverage rarely ever talks about the Green Party or the Libertarian Party.
  2. Count me in for either one Doggy#3595
  3. The reason that the US still keeps the Electoral College is that the United States isn't simply ran by one monolithic government and instead is a unity of 50 smaller states each with their own laws and interests. Without a system like the Electoral College, a few population dense states could easily elect leaders who are beneficial to them, while totally cutting out the smaller states who have a right for their voices to be heard.
  4. Do I smell minecraft
  5. I am a poor Somalian refugee who now currently resides in Utah as a christian Mormon. These skins would help my church severely thank you.
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    Ive been illegally evicted and have to go to court, other than that pretty good.
  7. MCSteve

    Biden vs Trump

    I feel like Biden has been hurting his own career the more he talks compared to Trump. The shit he says just makes me feel like Trump will win.
  8. MCSteve

    Biden vs Trump

    In conclusion to this topic, The U.S. is fucked.
  9. But wouldnt people who read the rules wont find it a problem?
  10. Hello, I'm Toaster from the Jail Break server. One day I place the tag of [GS] in front of my name as a joke towards admins who have the [sG] Tag, but why do admins tell me to stop usng the tag, I'm not impersonating an admin or advertising, I'm simply just making a funny joke. As I was used this tag for one day and no admin even mentioned. Next day and im told to remove it.