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  1. I gotta agree with DbD. It's a total coinflip of someone being incredible, nice and generally a good sport and cussing you out for using x perk or playing your side of the game. It feels much emptier since the crossplay update though, rarely anyone to talk to post-game
  2. Herzensbrecher for the medic with Santa Archimedes is weird but I enjoy it
  3. Date: 9/2/20 Server: 24/7 Dustbowl Bug/glitch: The proper things aren't showing up Additional Information: I've seen it work sometimes for both but so far, more often than not, what shows is just what is in the screenshot
  4. I was under the assumption that when given a "no jumping" order, you're allowed to jump over any and all obstacles unless told specifically otherwise
  5. I've kept it on for a while now and it sounds a bit scuffed in comparison to the presentation of the forums. It does it's job of getting my attention but it would be kinda cool to have one of or more of these things: A. A few choices for the sound that is made B. A volume slider C. A way to customize the sound when a specific person (or role) says something D. A choice to keep notifying even when reading through forums or something along the lines of that Just a few Ideas I came up with and I wondered what other people thought about these suggestions and any more ideas to add relating to the shoutbox sound.
  6. Do you have to change your name to BoD now?
  7. Link

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    You're basically a tier 3 sub for SG
  8. ho-ly crap things look AMAZING
  9. I really like this idea because even with a really small requirement of 5 points its enough for a person to understand the concept of the game. Even if they refuse to read !rules and just do what others do, they have to get those points by rebelling (learning secrets to get weapons or knifing CTs when possible) or completing LRs (which would mean they survived a whole round of orders at least once to even get to this point) and learn the concept of the game in the process enough to understand what is expected of a CT more or less. At that point, if they break rules it's up to the community to let them know they're doing something wrong and the admins to punish them if they continue to break rules. edit: Even I, who doesn't rebel, gets an average of 5 points per hour which is a good amount of time to learn the game enough to be a CT for the first time if I were a new player
  10. The time to rebel has come. (TTT would probably win lol)
  11. Can't wait for @Vanya to win this too :3
  12. Is it possible to stand on any of the pool lamps?
  13. Totally agree with this, any paths (ramps, catwalks, stairs, or special platform, etc.) leading to armoury should be KOS. The only exception I can think of is the stairs in the seasonal summer jail but that doesn't happen with any of the maps in rotation (as far as I know) where a T could just happen to be standing there but even then that area could be marked off like in moon jail and the pool below armoury.