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  1. Are we finally going to break the prison and escape?
  2. RTD events are always the best, looking forward to it!
  3. Link

    JB To The Moon

    We love to see it
  4. this better be better than tonights movie
  5. Why did I fall for the link
  6. Date of crash, bug or error: 3/29/21 Map that was being played: jb_moonjail_sgfix_1 number of people in the server: like 7 any errors or unusual messages displayed in console or in game chat? no, just "jihad is primed" text that happens Additional Information: I did hit my bind to set off the jihad but the last CT died before it ended. The jihad stopped exploding like normal but it instantly primed when the round ended. I hit my bind to make it explode again because it said I could in chat so it exploded like normal but I didn't die because there's no damage after the round. It instantly primed again to I hit the bind again so it went off but the round ended. The jihad stopped because the round ended but I still exploded as if it had triggered in that round. TL:DR a specific set of events causing an unintentional death with the jihad. super minor bug but I thought I'd report anyway
  7. Link

    Raffle Poll

    I'd get freekilled IRL with a SG shirt on
  8. @Starlegendgodyou're being summoned
  9. 7,241 apparently, feels kinda low, 5,213 Rounds (72%) rounds survived tho
  10. Herzensbrecher for the medic with Santa Archimedes is weird but I enjoy it
  11. Date: 9/2/20 Server: 24/7 Dustbowl Bug/glitch: The proper things aren't showing up Additional Information: I've seen it work sometimes for both but so far, more often than not, what shows is just what is in the screenshot
  12. ho-ly crap things look AMAZING