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  1. i love the office

  2. no comments what a loser lol

  3. ArE yOu ThE rEaL zUhN

  4. no one wants you on mg...

  5. I play on many other death game based jb servers and they are very popular. I feel like deathgames add more fun to jb and make the game less boring and repetitive.
  6. new year, new mic

  7. Maybe an addition that would be good is a monthly point reset. It kinda sucks how stationary the 25+ ranks are, many popular mg/surf combat/jb/hns/etc. servers reset the points/ranks every month or to to increase the competitiveness.
  8. Black Shinobi


    kz/course sounds awful because when you go play kz usually you jumpstat or beat the map FASt, but course is more like a social activity. When you play course usually you chill with other regs, but kz (much like bhop) is very solitary and you just focus on beating the map fast. It would also suck if you are trying to lj or whatever and a bunch of annoying ass people micspam "course crusaders" and they change the map to course. Adding course to bhop would be stupid as well because people wanna work on the ssj, sync and map knowledge. The swoobles course server is very active, so it would be a good idea to make a course server
  9. instead of a /ssj maybe add a kz speed timer
  10. why not add a vote option like before, many mg regs who play during latenight might collectively play with legit hops
  11. time to turn on my optimizer to flex on the people attending the event
  12. If my teachers are still on strike I can play