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  1. Add Diddle or ill just watch yall fail like idiots lmao yikes. JK will be there to Lead Edit: will Luff be there or not?
  2. The Leaders that mainly run our ZE Servers are mainly Smexy,Chicago Ben, Me, sometimes Green and Slurpee Venom, Elemental, Squid and a little bit of wesker and from what i can tell we rarely ask for a leader vote unless its a very diffcult map which need specifc defend points like the Hard+ and all of these players are all from the top 50s either way or admins. Hes a huge fact as well our server is 80% DoorHuggers keep in mind that our trims are very small and we probably lose 4 players on avg or 10 on high pop
  3. This is a much better situation that situation since once we get infected our animation should be much slower and it would prevent trolls from causing an entire mass TK and it gives humans a chance shield is basically a second life i prefer this option over this imo
  4. A real admin who does his job do the best degree.

  5. Didnt at 1 point we go 1-6 gris 0-9 tilex and fucking 2-9 wanders lmao
  6. when we beat sandstorm oh wait.................
  7. Too bad i work all day ;-;
  8. 002 Is the best @Creten dont @ me

  9. I rather have it to just no misleading it just helps newer ZE players learn and memorize the paths and defends instead of 1 player yelling FALL BACK as a zombie order.
  10. How about you dont do it at all period.