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  1. @Weskerwas the best server manager hands down... a ZE God in my books from making stale ZM and ZE into something enjoyable to being the biggest troll on the servers. In all seriousness the hours you've put in to plugins, strippers, fixes and coordinating map making with some of the best map makers of ZE, and dealing with everyone BULLSHIT excuses to EXTEND HARD MAPS, its been an amazing ride. I hope you come back to bring ZE on your back again!
  2. here.this game looks pretty fun i've play a couple with friends on mobile an watched some streams of would be fun to have the community play a couple sometime in the future!
  3. PHNX

    Destiny 2

    it honestly was trash for a while i haven't played the latest update but from what ive done with sad and other it was kinda a blast to play and grind! if you hav e friends it just makes the experience alot more enjoyable
  4. LeX Iwnl Rank Sliver Past Rank Sliver
  5. As @Im Sad Stated above it is a true gem above similar games like this one and now that its free its a no brainer to try it out for yourself you get 2 free DLCs included with the free game so you get so much content already BEFORE YOU FEEL YOU SHOULD INVEST MONEY which is huge. As someone who been a long time end game PvPer in Destiny 1 with about 2k hours and about 1k wasted on trials id say PvP is a drastic change in D2 and im loving every bit of it. PvE isnt really my thing but after playing with community members and grinding out top gear in raids and finishing quests its been fantastic. Never thought i wpuld see the day that English would smack a boss whlist dying and Vinyl saying dumb shit like McBridge Drooling. Destiny is a fun game but way too much fun with friends. PvP can be rewarding grind for beginners for their first 200 light levels and i definitely recommend doing pvp for light levels so you can finish your quests with ease if you want to. Even with some OP items in the crucible popping up here and there and with the end game PvP mode Trials Of The Nine coming back as tweets from bungie asking which elimination was your favorite and Competitive also being option to most of us end game PvPer very soon in the near future id say its looking very bright for this games outlook
  6. PHNX

    come back ;-;

  7. Well congrats to all of you well deserved! @nick and @eXtr3m3 especially!
  8. Cr4zy had a pub map and still lost lmaoooo 3-0 TL is the dream
  9. Add Diddle or ill just watch yall fail like idiots lmao yikes. JK will be there to Lead Edit: will Luff be there or not?
  10. The Leaders that mainly run our ZE Servers are mainly Smexy,Chicago Ben, Me, sometimes Green and Slurpee Venom, Elemental, Squid and a little bit of wesker and from what i can tell we rarely ask for a leader vote unless its a very diffcult map which need specifc defend points like the Hard+ and all of these players are all from the top 50s either way or admins. Hes a huge fact as well our server is 80% DoorHuggers keep in mind that our trims are very small and we probably lose 4 players on avg or 10 on high pop
  11. This is a much better situation that situation since once we get infected our animation should be much slower and it would prevent trolls from causing an entire mass TK and it gives humans a chance shield is basically a second life i prefer this option over this imo
  12. A real admin who does his job do the best degree.