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  1. Sing Me Up! I will be there and be square
  2. I want to change my name again lol

    I dont want to be moe lester anymore I want to be Don The Bear again

  3. Useful Copy and Paste Binds for CSGO Zombie Escape Tutorial Video:http:// Copy and Paste Example: bind [the key you want to bind it to] "say !negev" bind n "say !negev" bind l "say !bizon" bind t "say !spray" bind t "say !negev; say !elites" Funny Bonus bind l "say ( ?° ?? ?°)" bind l "say ¯\_(?)_/¯"
  4. I love the bump mines so I don't see why we can't test the riot shields
  5. Hey guys I was wondering if you guys had any ideas or feedback about my roblox ZE map idea. I heard someone mention the idea on the ZE server and I wanted to map it. I've always wanted to make a ZE and I have a basic understanding of the Hammer editor. I want to make this roblox map fun and also a meme like PIZZA TIME. First Idea: The Roblox HQ map This map was the first official maps that the devs released to test. [ATTACH=CONFIG]19043[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]19044[/ATTACH] Took these images from the roblox website Gameplay: I think this map idea would work with ZE. My idea is that the humans climb up to the top where they launch a nuke to kill the zombies. Second Idea: The Classic Roblox House This map's significance to Roblox is that when you first made your account, Roblox would create a game for you with this house as the map. [ATTACH=CONFIG]19045[/ATTACH] Gameplay: This idea is more of a hold and hide map where humans can hide around the map and hold until a nuke or helicopter comes. I'd love to hear any criticism or feedback that you guys have. I'm going to be posting updates to the map making process to either here or in a separate thread.
  6. Cool I'm gonna make a faceit account then