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  1. @WavYjust send a trade request for my whole team, we'll split the bragging rights 50/50
  2. i guess they don't teach the great sg admin contest of 2018 in history class these days
  3. why is the default overpass plant on a for ct
  4. we gotta get some comp stacks running
  5. i slept through the draft so my entire team is on the trading block
  6. yeah, remind me who was 7-6 and rolled u in the finals last year?
  7. faggot!!! -tides from the new forums

    1. Alex



    2. Exk



  8. why the fuck am i fish
  9. I agree with @Sully to an extent, with the addition of strong T items you do lose a bit of the raw gun still that separated players before, but overall I think the plugin brought some good additions to the server and I definitely more players enjoying the new plugin than not. One thing i'd suggest for the random teleporter would be to have a global time-based cool down on it , i.e 30+ seconds give or take, opposed to the 3 global uses nerf. I think part of the problem surrounding the random teleporter is that early in the round there are so many people in groups it's really damn hard to discern who teleported with who, giving the T's a huge advantage. With a timer-based cooldown instead of a total-use cooldown, there won't be nearly as much confusion at the start of the rounds and it will give the detectives time to prove players allowing people to KOS t's who switch with a proven inno.
  10. i'll play in the second match if you need 1
  11. the time you get to vote for a map is nonexistent, i accidentally click 3 to switch to my knife and then i'm condemned to 30 rounds of vertigo pls extend to give time for /revote edit: i guess this doesn't actually happen regularly
  12. tides

    Week 4 ? vs men

    inferno -drippy
  13. tides

    RETAKE 5V5

    yo new ranks are cool and all but like, more nades?