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  1. Something about the state of the TTT server is awful. Over the course of the past 6 months I have watched the average population on the server decline. I haven’t even really been on due to this, the lack of an active community unnerves me when clearly TTT as a game mode is still loved in the CSGO community. Not naming servers but we’ve been surpassed by many. We shouldn't need to beg to populate servers many times a day (seriously it seems like a chore, I used to be first on to populate for like 4 months), JB doesn't do this like ever, that's showing a serious decline. What can we do about it? Clearly suggestions should be welcomed, I have no issues with the current ruleset. But obviously my opinions aren't the only important ones here (they still aren't but seriously the server is dying). My suggestions: Drop detective starting health to 110 Remove maps based on community vote we haven’t done this in over 6 months Lengthen map exclusion from 9, seriously only seeing the same few maps over and over New supporter and VIP perks, it’s been over a year PLEASE GIVE SUGGESTIONS THEY ARE NEEDED Just a relevant picture:
  2. Can we get an epic dub in the chat, also error stop tryna break TOS