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  1. Booch

    The List

    You mean when you said I'm 100% a T this round, after the round started, yet again just you giving yourself away as T.
  2. Booch

    The List

    I mean, you literally tried knifing me and missed, maybe cry about it some more, also make sure you watch your back, I'm reaching 1000 One hit knives on TTT and you're gonna be the majority of them
  3. Can we get an epic dub in the chat, also error stop tryna break TOS
  4. In no particular order Surf Curse Current Joys SWMRS Hot Flash Heat Wave The Buttertones Peach Pit Wallows Beach Goons Mac DeMarco Goth Babe
  5. Booch

    Favorite OST?

    Nobody has responded yet but I will say the destiny franchise has a very full and inundating OST
  6. Isha boy HardlineBooch
  7. Now this is epic.
  8. Map Fix Request Full map name de_train_1v1 Type of map 1v1 Multi Arena Link to the map What the problem is So this map is literally 1v1 nobody can play aside from two people. This map has killed the server on multiple occasions, because people don't wanna wait around in a queue that most likely never even moves. Someone needs to remove this shit or dupe the mapping and set spawns.
  9. I believe Trazz should put in some work before his next promotion.
  10. Grats Phoenix_, good luck out there soldier.
  11. Booch

    i see u

    Kieran I second this picture with my own [ATTACH=CONFIG]21292[/ATTACH]
  12. One thing of note that I hope people take into consideration is that the game is only 4 GB. It takes max 10 minutes to download. I think this may play into the the participation aspect. Might wanna download early and practice if it gets approved before you get wrecked.
  13. So gamers, Fistful of Frags is a western shooter with various gamemodes. I'd love to introduce you guys to it if you've never played it. I'm not sure the specifics of setting a server up temporarily. But I'm sure you guys could figure out how. Let me know what you think.
  14. yo wouldnt it be great if like flashcolor could be reintroduced to ttt