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  1. Sniper elite is so fire!!!!!!!!
  2. Accent boy in the house !

  3. Date of crash, bug or error: 3/16/2020 Map that was being played:vipinthemix Number of people in the server: IDK Additional Information: EVERYONE IS INVISIBLE AFTER CRASH, Fixed after round change* VIP-SUB not working--- Plus CT rank ---**** All fixed after couple round changes*****
  4. Number of people in the server 46*
  5. What is the point you are trying to make with this thread? Report him? Report here---
  6. Player spawned stuck in floor of cell Time: 8 Pm EST Date: 5/12/19 Map: JB_Peanut_V3r
  7. Whole server's game crashed 4:45 pm EST 5/11/19,,, Map : SpaceJail
  8. Been dealing with a lot. My father who i have not seen or talked to in a while has just past, I will be inactive for a little bit but i will come back better then ever. have not been active at all i will handle it this week i went to the 7/11 and they had no more left i will go to Walmart as soon as i can, i am sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. I love that show Idk how I feel about ZE tho!
  10. Crouching after being told to freeze is not freezing therefore it desvers a warning shot, I do believe we have had a recent discussion on changing the rule to where crouching while being told to freeze is allowed. Mainly becuase how is one to tell if a T was crouching before or after being told to freeze.
  11. Nightmare before christmas.... Is it a Halloween movie or a Christmas movie oooooohhhhhh spooky
  12. Congrats boys sorry I could not make it this week, work has been so hectic with the holidays coming up!
  13. Currently looking into this.