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  1. Happy birthday friend!



  2. Punky

    VRChat Night

    EU always suffering Been there for a while, had some laughs so I'm glad I joined. Pity though, I couldn't sing, because of how late it was D:
  3. I thought this was never going to happen. Still, I can't reject nekopara suggestion (I am disgusting).
  4. I think that would fall under glitching, since it's clearly visible you are knifing him through the door
  5. I appreciate the EU friendly times, this time around
  6. I have to mostly agree with all the posts above me. I do have something to add to all of this: * Over the time I started to feel that the server has become too serious: As much as I appreciate the work AntiTeal did, I have never liked that idea in general, to have a rank/skill plugin that you can get cool stuff for. Worth mentioning that it promotes tryharding even more, which we don't really want. The skins we currently have are also not that special, as I'd rather have something silly or cartoony alongside some normal skins for people to use. It also applies to content, that we can unlock in general (which we lack and that is another huge problem). * The server settings are really restrictive at this point and are aimed towards serious gaming. I'd love to spice things up on classic maps like icecap with randomized zr settings (gravity, speed, jump etc.) to make things interesting from time to time. Overall, the server started losing what keeps servers going and that is fun.
  7. Punky

    Voting lag

    From what I remember, it was because of the sheer amount of maps surf has. Either someone would have to optimize the plugin or replace with a different one that would handle it better *my guess btw* I do agree on it being annoying tho, as I always prepare mentally and physically when I see the countdown
  8. Idk if you know that, but there are cvars like sv_enemy_talk_dead and sv_enemy_talk_alive that should fix one of the issues mentioned. Also weird that sv_deadtalk doesn't work as intended :u. Regarding the plugin what exactly doesn't work, it seemed to be fine when I tested it with @Mad Dogg?
  9. I had a last minute change of plans and I may not be able to play due to work, but I'll edit this post if anything changes. Sorry and have fun everyone!
  10. About time to get rekt. Sign me up.
  11. cyan suits me better though :couch2:

  12. Orange actually suits you well :)