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  1. Happy birthday friend!



  2. Punky

    VRChat Night

    EU always suffering Been there for a while, had some laughs so I'm glad I joined. Pity though, I couldn't sing, because of how late it was D:
  3. 2 weebs and a ZE server Congratulations Leon
  4. Punky

    VR Games

    I've heard Sunshine Arizona is great, but from games that I have personally played: Onward, Raw Data, Tilt Brush, Vanishing Realms and non-VR games with support for it: Tabletop Simulator, Subnautica :-) Also VRChat could be worth it.
  5. Congratulations Proud of you @Agent Wesker !
  6. Best one: Warframe, nuff said. Worst ones: CS:GO and Overwatch (soooooooooo toxic)
  7. if it's DDR3 then it's totally incompatible (if DDR4 somehow, then it would work but still not really recommended to mix), but like i said it's not necessary to get a 2400 MHz one if you can afford 2133, it should be just fine. You can always buy 1x8GB stick and then buy another stick later, it's not like it won't work and 8GB will be perfectly fine for a start. @Justin
  8. Here's how I see it: * The i5 build is okay, a 250gb ssd is a necessity, standard 1TB hdd, fairly good choice of RAM. * The i7 build: I'd still lean towards a 250gb ssd, because it's better to have more free space on an ssd. I don't really understand though, why did you pick a more expensive and slower sticks, when those in the i5 build were faster and slightly cheaper (and had p much the same latency), maybe because the g.skill ones would be too high? Can't really tell. * The ryzen build: the speed of the RAM bothers me, since 2933Mhz ones would really benefit this build and slower RAM basically bottlenecks the CPU. Still a 120gb ssd. Now if I were to choose between those 3: If I remember correctly, you want the new pc to be specifically for gaming, but let's keep in mind that you might want to something else down the road. However, taking gaming as the main point of this build, I'd go with the i7 build and here's why: * the CPU is a middle ground in terms of core count (i5 having 4/4, i7 4/8, ryzen 8/16) Giving you not only great performance due to frequency but also increased multi threaded performance for future games, multitasking and software that takes advantage of it. * RAM doesn't play a big role in intel builds, unlike in ryzen and it's also really expensive nowadays. I'd still advise to get a 2400Mhz kit regardless. However, I'd try to find a cheaper copy of windows 10 if possible and get a 250gb ssd, like that 850 evo. Ryzen is a good choice too, don't get me wrong, but it's not the best performer in games, especially @ 1080p and since you have a gtx 1060 paired with them, it makes it even worse. It's a perfect choice for those who multitask a lot, have tons of tabs open in their browser and also like to create some content (ie. video editing, streaming). i5 isn't bad either, but you're really sacrificing a lot of that power for every day use. Sorry for this mess, I hope you got the message
  9. So it happened.. Thanks for the work you've done and letting me help out !
  10. Seems pretty good to me, but a higher clocked RAM for that Ryzen would benefit you in general, because of how that CPU is built. a 2933Mhz kit would be perfect and also not so overpriced (but you gotta keep an eye on timings).
  11. Requesting . Because just doesn't cut it.
  12. I thought this was never going to happen. Still, I can't reject nekopara suggestion (I am disgusting).