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  1. they should all just suck it up like all us former supporters did when that rank was made obsolete.... things change and you need to get over it.... if you don't like it move on.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QrIqHaUhQk
  3. Thats just fuckin DUMB.... just make everything outside of cells autokill
  4. SEXIST lol, j/k, but seriously, i laugh every time i see it, and the T skins are ok, i just wish they didnt stand out so much, bright orange on a gray wall
  5. i know jackass but im saying - lets bring it back land let the stupid people who like !lr have it on that server - and thoes of us who like things as is playoy on the current server
  6. sure lets add a second PB server, and while we are at it, lets make that a hosties server, and make it so death games are not optional and then the people who want to have !lr can play there, and the rest of us can play on the good PB server (good = the 1 we currently have)
  7. t8rtits

    I'm invisible?

    ya, i noticed that the other day, i had a 10 mile trail behind me, but i just turned it off
  8. i do not believe there is a rule that you have to give a ratio freeday anyways. all i saw was: "12. Keep a ratio to make it fair to the T's. If CT's outnumber T's, please move over to T, or an admin will switch your team." i saw nothing that said we have to, but if you are nice and the ratio is 1:1 then sometimes i will give one, but usually ill just give orders.
  9. YES MAC, and i have the older style keyboard that came out with the white dome lookin ones with the LCD, not like the new crappy ones that are like a laptop keyboard and make no clicking noise
  10. i know that, but the keyboard is WHITE, so i like to clean the shit out every couple months
  11. HELL NO, thats a VERY BAD idea, i know there are many days i don't want to be a CT, OR there are those people you don't want to be a CT. OR even again, we could have all the little kids on the CT team and no one wants that.
  12. so what, i like my keyboard so ill take care of it.
  13. i guess a limit wouldnt be so bad, but i do think there should be a limit on the ct side, OR make it so that for every 2 Ts there can only be 1 CT.
  14. t8rtits


    you don't have to give your team up, just tell them NO, if they still push it, keep saying NO. they really cant kill you over that