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  1. i love the idea of a one-shot deag some other ideas could be - a sensory grenade - a speed boost for 7 seconds - coinflip {die} or {usp} - a throwable knife ect... let me know what you think of these
  2. i care about cosmetics alot in most games i play and i feel like when i buy items from the shop i dont know exactly what im getting, a way to help this problem is maybe adding a place in the forums where i can see the diffrent accessories and other items [just like the model page] i dont think im the only one who has this issue but i think it could be an easy fix
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    since i have a macbook and i can’t ‘clip’ anything, when someone is free killing i try and ho to spectator to record on my phone. whenever i go spec they can see when i switch teams. i was wondering if there could be a way to hide the join team pop up for spectators because it’s a hard thing to deal with on mac
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    btw i loved it, its ok if its not added tho
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    what happend to the !msg com
  6. how do i become a better reg, i wanna take suggestions from people who have played with me on any of the servers. i wanna try and be more helpful on the server and make the game more fun for everyone!
  7. if there is no admin online but someone is breaking the rules what should i do? i was thinking record it but even then, they dont get punishecd
  8. ok thank you!!!
  9. for example here is mine that i hope gets added at some point for example here is mine - - wanna know what u guys like in skins and maybe the devs can look at this at any point <3
  10. yea i mean arms
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    i just played ze and i was thinking why cant the jb models have any first person visuals. would love it if it was possible
  12. yea i get that but i know that something is better than nothing, i would much rather switch maps to see my skin than 2 do the old way. i think that it not only would be a cool thing for the use of it but as part of a map i would love to see myself even if its just a bathroom mirror, its just a cool idea and i hope they do something about it soon !!! @TheZZL
  13. helo!! i was thinking and there is no way to see your player model in game, i was wondering if you could add in like a mirror in pool or smth like that! its rlly annoying having to ask people to send a pic.
  14. thank you for the recomendation!! i didnt think of this
  15. i was wondering if there is gonig to be any new skins or jb events soon? im looking forward to play some of them! also regarding the new temporary skins i was wondering what are some hints/info on them and when they are coming out!!! much love