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  1. we need new info on the ttt models on the forums bc right now we cant find them anywhere
  2. i think prisoner ranks would be a great idea and would spice things up, like newbie-gang leader or wtv
  3. if we keep the models on when they leave the store do we keep them?
  4. awsome event i loved it!
  5. the 4th model was yesterday and the 5th is today, WE WANNA SEE THE MODELS
  6. i disagree with the hitler skin but everything else is yes
  7. so the winners of last round will get the models back after the winners of the next round?
  8. i love the idea of a one-shot deag some other ideas could be - a sensory grenade - a speed boost for 7 seconds - coinflip {die} or {usp} - a throwable knife ect... let me know what you think of these
  9. i care about cosmetics alot in most games i play and i feel like when i buy items from the shop i dont know exactly what im getting, a way to help this problem is maybe adding a place in the forums where i can see the diffrent accessories and other items [just like the model page] i dont think im the only one who has this issue but i think it could be an easy fix
  10. since i have a macbook and i can’t ‘clip’ anything, when someone is free killing i try and ho to spectator to record on my phone. whenever i go spec they can see when i switch teams. i was wondering if there could be a way to hide the join team pop up for spectators because it’s a hard thing to deal with on mac