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  1. fun event will be there
  2. In the boss fight sans has like 1 hp and over a set time where you dodge all his attacks, he falls asleep, and you can beat him that way so many after like 7 seconds of invincibility then you just die or can't move or something
  3. A bone or a sans type thing basically a glass cannon 1 hp and dodges everything else or something
  4. Maybe you could buy shots for the awp like maybe 100 per, i forgot the current price of the awp but maybe 50 75 or something.
  5. Something like a reyna ult over a set time when ever you get a kill you go invisible for like 2 and a half seconds but you cant shoot throw grenades
  6. Cause alot of people were avoiding ip-bans JUST on the JB server, idk what to do about your problem
  7. is it possible to have a fresh-account blocker, like a set age an account has to be to play on SG servers, if they are making accounts just to join instantly
  8. lorax

    Counter-Blox Scrim!

    cops and crim event in the future?
  9. wil be there ign:lorxa
  10. lorax

    Call of TTT

    fun event borya
  11. lorax

    Valorant Scrim 4!

    I'll play game 1 ascent. lorax#1702 ' I can also fill in for other games if needed