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  1. the word, and another ways to call someone a *** is banned
  2. like a one hit knife or a 2 shot knife i was speaking off not just a regular knife
  3. bloodblades is a nn now? o7 good event tho
  4. I definitely agree, and maybe items such as a shank, and items you could find in a jail type setting, and adding fun things like necromancy and zombie gamemodes, would be fun as hell
  5. give engaging orders, and orders that give a chance/opportunity to rebel make unquiet orders, be fun.
  6. RTD is an extremely fun add to JB, and I think alot of people agree. Instead of having it being every round like an event, having it randomly every few or other round would be fun. This could be a small period of time like an event for a month or so. Or making it a perm add to jb if it was nerfed, said here
  7. This is definitely a great idea and would a really fresh add to JB, but im worried that HE grenades would be spammed and raining hellfire upon guards, smokes would be a pain and flashes would be either worse. This if implemented correctly would definitely make JB feel fresh and be fun as hell to play
  8. Good Banner! 10/10 Exicting for this event!!
  9. lorax

    LR Rules

    What are the rules you can give for LR, I know it can be like first shot or custom lr and such, but can I do things like "no jumping no crouching a d only" and if i dont follow those rules do i have to slay im just confused.
  10. lorax

    [MGT] Gmod TTT!

    hella fun im havign a blast rn
  11. that faster than a speeding bullet guy must be confused