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  1. i'm stoked, all my hours on xbox terraria will finally come to use!!!
  2. This is a good point I didn't think of phoenix I appreciate your imput
  3. would the server not choose other maps they enjoy? cause even though I emphasized on the cycle I still think having the server have nearly the full ability to pick what map they want to play.
  4. I think the limit from maps being played very recently being reduced would be beneficial for the server. Instead of having to RTV a bad map or a map thats unpopular, by having the time between each map reduced, you'd have tons of people hovering around good maps. If a maps worth playing it'll be in that cycle. This is just an idea of course, and i'd love to hear ideas or straight up tell me im wrong
  5. Huge fan of this idea, clouds being too long, and frankly boring CTs
  6. lorax

    Jihad Rework

    The range and strength of the jihad is already relatively balanced but I agree