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[11/19/22] Favorite Holiday?

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What is your favorite holiday?


Its the holiday season as they say so I am here asking what is your guy's favorite holiday?



Tbh mine  is between Christmas and Thanksgiving.


Both times I get to see different sides of my extended family and its basically a yearly family reunion with a ton of people I know which makes both days very enjoyable.


What's yours?

("Informal" Holidays allowed as well)

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Definitely Thanksgiving for me. My family and I aren't religious so we don't celebrate Christmas but we open our present up on New Year's Eve. Thanksgiving is usually just a really wholesome time for my family and its always nice to see that.

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Anytime that is a national Holiday where you can (hopefully) get to see extended family, or just immediate family time.. is a win for me. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas are both great, as I get to see family from both sides!

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