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  1. Pog.

    Spy is dumb

    and this guy got admin?
  2. Pog.

    Byte's cap

    As you get abused by me pop and byte
  3. Pog.

    Byte's cap

    No balls? We in jb together rn say no more baby
  4. Pog.

    Byte's cap

    Ide suck his soul no cap
  5. Pog.

    Byte's cap

    Yes I agree very highly
  6. Pog.

    Byte's cap

    Well you saying that doesn’t prove it and as I’m typing this u t baited me I’m reporting u
  7. Pog.

    Byte's cap

    Byte said he was the best player in the game let alone he said he was good and I started dying :D
  8. Can we get a ban on this man he's acting sus
  9. Pog.


    Bro I smoked you every round. You my child say wassupup
  10. Pog.


    So explain because i have my lotion out and if u dont explain im going into the moth
  11. Pog.


    Now are we actually fucking the moths or..
  12. Pog.


    My favorite thing to do is to do the sloppy joe. Take that sentence as you will ;)
  13. Pog.

    Who is YOUR idol?

    My dad. He did a magic trick and vanished for 16 years. I find that awesome :D