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Cartoon Network Tier List

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Watched nothing but Cartoon Network growing up and I still remember watching this shit not too long ago so this was an easy list for me to make.


Just leave off what you don't remember watching or didn't watch enough to list. Here is my list (the objective one that is correct).


Wish they added the IRL shit they did when I was growing up, like Destroy Build Destroy, Dude What Would Happen, and Hole in the Wall, cause those shows were goated. Plus, they had pokemon on that shit when I was growing up too, so pretend that shit and the shit I said earlier is in S tier.


Also, they didn't add Firebreather; it would go in the Good tier.


https://tiermaker.com/create/cartoon-network-programming-21708 <- heres the link to make ur own.

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Damn there's some names I ain't seen anywhere for a LONG time in this list. 


Any of those in S could be #1 for me. 


Problem Solverz easily the worst on this entire list that I've watched, shit's an eyesore. Didn't watch the 2011(?) Thundercats reboot but it looks like a masterpiece compared to what Roar looks like.



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