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IDE of choice and why

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I know a few people dev here in SG, so figured I'd make a fun thread about what IDE you use and why. At my last job I did a lot of powershell so I just used Powershell ISE, was using vscode more before I left. At my new job I still do a tiny bit of powershell but mostly python these days. I was initially using PyCharm CE, then I tried VSCode a bit, but after my buddy showed me what he was doing with emacs I decided to give it a shot. He and I both use Doom Emacs- it's a customized version of emacs with evil mode (vim emulation) and a bunch of other out of box customizations to make life easier. I'll admit it took me a LONG time to adapt, and I still find myself partaking in some clicking tomfoolery, but tonight I tried to go back to vscode and try out edamagit (vscode version of emac's magit, which is a git integration tool into emacs) and I found myself crying out for the keybindings I had in doom emacs.

My install is pretty straightforward still, only thing I really have is tabs (I don't use them much though, and I know it's very blasphemy to do so), and treemacs. I can't remember what my python linter is, it's whatever the default, I'm also using anaconda mode but I absolutely hate it so I plan to change that ASAP.


otherwise I love doom emacs. I like the vim emulation a lot so if I do use vscode/pycharm I make sure vim emulation is in use. Anyone else have an IDE they use and why?



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When I was in school I kept trying to trying to stay away from VScode because it was ugly and bloated but eventually came back to it as every other IDE was equally retarded in some other way. I had a professor show me emacs, which he's sworn by for years but I never got into it due to the learning curve. It's been a while since I've done any serious amount of coding but I'll probably force myself to use emacs when I get back around to it.

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I use Visual Studio (2022) for developing with C#.
For anything else, I mainly use VSCode as it basically has syntax highlighting for anything, it is lightweight, and there are a ton of great extensions to make life easier.


Notepad++ is my go-to for config files and any other quick to edit files.

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I used to use intellij's IDEs through school and at the start of my career like phpStorm pyCharm, Android Studios (Don't use this unless you hate yourself). After some time Iswitched to vsCode and man has it made life easier for me. Easy customization and Plugin installs really helped a lot and still using it now!

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Like Nishok and Gator, I use Visual Studio for C# (I only use that for developing in Unity right now) and VSCode for pretty much everything else. I still use Notepad++ for a few things like basic config editing. 

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