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It's Time

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I gave the BDs a heads up about stepping down a few weeks ago, and I think the time has come to inform everyone else as well.


I've thought about it for a while now, and after more seriously considering it for the last couple months, I've decided this is just something I need to do. For a while, I was able to juggle the day to day operations of the community along with everything else, but I just don't have the time anymore. I don't feel right holding a BD+ title with that in mind. I'll stay on as a TA.


With that said, I'm excited to announce that Caution will be resuming his role as President here at SG. Caution has been back for quite a while now and has added an immense amount of support to the Board after his return. We're glad to have you back Caution, and thank you for giving me the opportunity of running the show while you were away. Also a huge thanks to everyone I've had the pleasure of working with in my time back here for the last year. It's been an honor.


The community is in good hands with Caution at the helm, and I look forward to what the future brings for SG.


Catch you all in GunGame!

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It wasn't as much fun as it looked, eh?


Seriously though, thanks for taking over man. I needed time away and was just not physically capable of providing almost any type of support to the community while I was in the Middle-East. It was great having you back around as a BD, and I'm glad you will be staying on as a TA.


To the rest of the community: I didn't want to make a whole other announcement for me resuming President, but I am still going to be slightly AFK for about another month while I'm buying another house and moving. We just wanted to get this transition going because Revenga was ready, and we have some BD promotions to do in a little! Additionally, thanks @Hawks for your time as BD. We hope you stick around and maybe come back to rejoin the higher ranks in the future!

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Thank you Revenga for your work, and Caution glad to have you back again hopefully soon here. Always great chatting with you in discord hah


edit; And thank you as well Hawks! Hope to see all 3 of you around still.

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You did an outstanding job in your time as head of the table, Revenga! You and the team had to make some difficult but necessary decisions. I hope to see you around still sometime.


And Caution, glad to see you safe and easing your way back in the saddle. You know this community probably better than anyone and it's nice to see you back in action.

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