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The Man, The Myth, the TTT RDMer!!

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Hello everyone,


I have gathered you all here to talk about someone in our community who has put in a boat load of work recently to push us farther. Not only has he been putting in time on TTT for as long as I can remember, and ever since he got TA he has been helping us make some of the biggest changes on the backend (CS2 related). We really thinks he deserves it and I'm sure he will become a necessary part of the team in no time.

Please welcome Jazzy to the Board of Directors!!! Jazzy has been around SG since the dinosaurs roamed the earth so he knows his way around pretty well. We are looking forward to see what he will bring to the team and SG as a whole. This promotion should give us access to deep dive into CS2 a bit more so expect some things in the future. :) Welcome to the team Jazzy!!

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Well deserved indeed.


Over the last few months been awesome seeing the changes and updates you provide buddy.

Keep up the good work.

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37 minutes ago, Squid said:

congrats and thank you for being the sole creator of the gmod ttt server

couldn't have done it without the guy who made the surf/pb server, @Elfbarf


(this is a meme guys please lord stop thinking i did anything for ttt)



19 hours ago, Gentoo said:

Aww shit

you're legally obligated to come back now

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6 hours ago, jazzy said:


you're legally obligated to come back now

Thought people who come back aren't important and don't matter?


Congrats though, while I can't say I think it's a good thing, you have put a lot of time and work into SG since your perm removal, and that is something that does not happen much anymore.  

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